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Two Neon Boxes


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Two Neon Boxes is an addictive puzzle game that will test your logical thinking and reaction speed. The goal of the game is simple: you need to guide two neon boxes to their respective destinations. Sounds easy, right? Think again! As you progress through the levels, the puzzles become increasingly challenging, requiring you to strategize and plan your moves carefully.

Game Controls

  • Use the arrow keys or WASD to control the movement of the neon boxes.
  • Press the space bar to switch between the two boxes.
  • Use the R key to restart the current level.

How to Play

  1. The game consists of various levels, each with a unique puzzle.
  2. Your objective is to guide both neon boxes to their designated destinations.
  3. Each box can only move in one direction at a time and cannot pass through obstacles.
  4. The boxes can be moved simultaneously or individually, depending on the puzzle.
  5. Plan your moves carefully to avoid getting stuck or blocking the path for the other box.
  6. Once both boxes reach their destinations, you will proceed to the next level.

Tips and Tricks

  • Take your time to analyze the puzzle before making any movements. Rushing can lead to mistakes and unnecessary restarts.
  • Pay attention to the positioning of the boxes and plan your moves accordingly. Sometimes, it’s more efficient to move one box first and then the other.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment and try different strategies. Some levels have multiple solutions, and thinking outside the box can help you find the most efficient path.
  • Keep an eye on the number of moves you make. Completing a level with fewer moves will earn you a higher score.

Game Developer

Two Neon Boxes was developed by Roller Baller, a talented indie game developer known for creating challenging and addictive puzzle games. With their intuitive designs and creative concepts, Roller Baller games have gained a dedicated fan following.

Game Platforms

Two Neon Boxes is available to play on the following platforms:

  • Web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux

How to Play Unblocked

To play Two Neon Boxes unblocked, simply visit the official website of Roller Baller at The game can be played directly in your web browser, without any downloads or installations required. Enjoy the addictive puzzle-solving experience anytime and anywhere!